All About the Goji Berry

Also called the wolfberry, this vividly colored berry is taking the health world by storm.

Fruit Description

The goji berry has a history of medicinal qualities that stretches back to ancient China. With a vivid red coloring and a sweet and sour taste highlighted in its dried form, the berry has been used to focus on the treatment of eye, liver, and kidney issues. Boasting a high level of vitamins C and A, fiber, iron, zinc, and various antioxidants, just a small serving of the goji berry can count towards close to ten percent of your daily protein level.

How Does It Taste?

Depending on the variety, this versatile fruit has a variety of tastes. The fresh berry has a high water content that softens its tartness, giving it an interesting balance between tomato and cranberry. The dried berry is chewy yet soft, with a tart and sour taste similar to a cranberry flavored with herbal notes. This healthy fruit could not accurately be described as sweet, which gives it a wider place in savory recipes. 

Just Desserts!

The great part about cooking or baking with goji berries is that they can open you up to a whole new culinary world. Mix this berry with maca power to craft this delicious Raw Goji Maca Cake. Looking for something a bit simpler? This recipe was created when its creator realized that their oven was broken. Try out this delicious recipe for Skillet Rock Cakes with Goji Berries.

A Place in Pop Culture

In today’s health world, the goji berry has been dubbed the “miracle fruit” for its high content of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, protein, and amino acids. Said to boost both the immune system and brain activity, this miracle fruit is also said to help protect you against cancer and heart  disease and has even been said to increase your life expectancy.