All About the Grape

Classified as a berry, the grape grows on woody vines all over the world.

This sweet berry is used widely in a variety of cooking options, from cooking oils to jams and jellies.

Fruit Description

Commonly enjoyed fresh and raw, the grape is most widely classified into two options: red and green. Cultivation of the grape can be traced back to approximately 8,000 years ago. The oldest known winery dates back to 4000 BC in Armenia. Grapes are found in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, Persian history, and Greek and Roman history. Perhaps the most popular product from the grape is wine.

How Does It Taste?

The many different varieties of the grape lends itself to many different taste profiles. Grapes come in seeded and seedless varieties. Some of the seedless options are sweet, and some are more tart and crunchy. The black muscat grape has a higher sugar content, while the crimson seedless variety has a sweet and tart blended taste with a lighter skin along with a more crisp and firm flesh. Globe grapes are popular for their pretty coloring, very sweet flavor, and their big seeds, while flame seedless grapes are appreciated for the deep red of their coloring, firm skin, and tart flavoring.

Just Desserts!

Although often made with cherries, follow this recipe for a fresh and tasty Grape Clafoutis. This French dessert uses green grapes and a thick batter dusted with powdered sugar for a sweet and delightful taste.

A Place in Pop Culture

Perhaps most popularly, The Grapes of Wrath is a classic American novel by John Steinbeck that may be your first thought when considering grapes in popular culture. In modern culture, wine has moved from a high-class delicacy to a common and oft-enjoyed drink, making grapes more widely understood and appreciated.

Tasty Extras

Young grape leaves can be boiled for approximately ten minutes and used to wrap rice or meat for baking.